University Counseling

Icon English provides university counseling to students seeking admission into highly selective universities in Canada, the USA and the UK. To get into a highly selective university, applicants must stand out from the tens of thousands of applications that universities receive each year. Overall admission rates at the Ivy League universities in the US range from 4.5% (Harvard) to 10.6% (Cornell). High SAT/ACT scores and grades alone will not suffice. Well-rounded students who excel in sports, music, community service, and much more are what highly selective universities accept. It is therefore no wonder that so many parents and students have sought assistance from educational consultants before making critical decisions.
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University Counseling

30-Minute Consultation

Icon English offers a free 30-minute consultation to parents and students interested in our educational opportunities. This is a chance for you to ask questions about our counseling services and how we can help you or someone else navigate the highly selective university admissions process. Based upon the consultation, we will recommend to you how we can proceed.


One-Hour Evaluation

For students who first come to us as middle schoolers or as ninth, tenth, or eleventh graders, we begin with a one-hour evaluation. In advance of this evaluation, we request a student’s transcript, any testing they have completed, a list of extracurriculars, etc. During this evaluation, we put together a plan so that your child is sure to do the very best in their school’s courses, fill in any knowledge gaps they might have, take courses outside of his or her school (if necessary), know which exams to take and when to take them, and—if the student is in eleventh grade—come up with an appropriate list of universities they might consider applying to. In so doing, we also develop an academic and extracurricular strategy for the student who will win over any and all university admissions officers.


Assistance with University Applications

Our assistance offers clients the ultimate level of continuous personal attention to every detail in university admissions counseling. This package is our exclusive college counseling concierge service. If a student is seeking our help with applying to between 5 and 20 universities (20 is the maximum number of our assistance), each requiring different, uniquely tailored essays, then this service is highly recommended. As a college consultant, we can guide the student with a step-by-step approach, so they stand the best chance of admission to each of these many universities.

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