About us

Icon English is a committed English language training and exam preparation provider based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Each year, Icon English welcomes hundreds of students to our exam prep programs that are specifically developed to prepare students for daunting standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, AP, IB and more. 

We believe in fostering self-confidence and promoting academic ambition in our students. By encouraging them to develop their talents and passions, they can reach their full potential both academically and individually. Our programs not only increase our students’ chance of getting into universities—we also help them lay a solid intellectual and rhetorical foundation for the rest of their lives. Students who are confident using English are much more likely to participate in class discussions, complete assignments, present projects and ideas in front of the class, and find their own strengths.


An Innovative Learning System

The three-step learning system ensures your learning experience is simple, effective and fun. 

Our Methodology

Icon's Acquisition Cycle is the core to learning success at Icon English. The Acquisition Cycle is a multi-stage learning process based on academically proven English language teaching techniques and procedures.
It is centered on the unique "PEA" system: Presentation, Evaluation and Activation. 

Stage 1 Presentation

First and foremost, students start with an interactive lesson. Teachers teach vocabulary, grammar and knowledge through exploring a rich variety of academic materials developed or selected by Icon English. These lessons also have periodic checkpoints where students can confirm what they have learned and check their progress.

Stage 2 Evaluation

Next, the interactive lessons take the form of a blended, continuous assessment. This assessment is fully integrated into the learning experience both at Icon English centers and online. In this way, students have the flexibility to complete their lessons whether in a center, at home, or when traveling. Teachers also have immediate access to the learning progress of their students. 

Stage 3 Activation

Finally, students have plenty of chances to practice using what they have learned. When studying at Icon English, every student will be given a student manual, which contains a summary of the learning points in their courses, including written and online exercises specifically developed for each lesson. If students need to complete these exercises at home, they can simply get the homework done and bring them to the center for their teacher to review.