The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States and Canada. The SAT is intended to measure literacy, numeracy, and writing skills that are needed for academic success in college. The SAT assesses how well the test-taker can analyze and solve problems—skills they learned in secondary school that they will need in college. SAT scores are intended to supplement the student’s secondary school record and help admission officers put local data—such as course work, grades, and class rank—into a national perspective. 

SAT Format and Structure

The SAT has two major components: English and Math. The English component includes two sections: Reading, and Writing and Language. The test taker will also write an essay for the Essay section. Both English and Math section scores are reported on a scale of 200 to 800. Therefore, total scores range from 400 (lowest) to 1600 (highest).

Reading Test

The Reading Test of the SAT is made up of one section with 52 questions and has a time limit of 65 minutes. There are five passages on the Reading Test with 10-11 questions per passage. All questions are multiple-choice and based on the provided text. Tables, graphs, and charts may accompany some passages, but no math is required in order to answer the corresponding questions.

Writing and Language Test

The Writing and Language Test of the SAT is made up of one section with 44 multiple-choice questions. The time limit is 35 minutes. Like the Reading Test, all questions are based on the provided passages. Some passages may be accompanied by tables, graphs, and charts. The test taker will be asked to read the passages and then make corrections or improvements for the parts that are underlined.


The mathematics portion of the SAT is divided into two sections: Math Test – No Calculator and Math Test – With Calculator. The Math Test – No Calculator section has 20 questions (15 multiple choice and 5 grid-in) and lasts 25 minutes. The Math Test – With Calculator section has 38 questions (30 multiple choice and 8 grid-in) and lasts 55 minutes. In total, the SAT math test is 80 minutes long and includes 58 questions: 45 multiple-choice questions and 13 grid-in questions. The multiple-choice questions have four possible answers while the grid-in questions require the test taker to come up with their own answer.

Course Description

SAT Preparation

Icon English SAT Preparation courses are developed to help you score 1500 and above by empowering you to actively avoid those common mistakes made by many students. Our course features small class sizes, allowing you to receive a personal and tailored learning experience. The SAT prep course will help you identify all SAT question types and teach you the best skills to answer questions confidently and correctly. Study with official practice test materials and receive immediate feedback from your experienced SAT instructor.

SAT Prep courses are for:

• Students who are taking the SAT in a few months and wish to score 1500 or higher

• Students who are want to take their English reading and writing skills to a whole new level

Level 1 Pre-SAT

This level is designed for those who plan to take the SAT in two years.  Students will be guided to read classic English literature books, scientific articles and argumentative essays, and also learn literary and academic vocabulary. 

Level 2 SAT Intensive

This level is designed for those who plan to take the SAT in one year.  Students will be trained to read a wide variety of passages within a time limit, learn frequently tested SAT words, and thoroughly understand three major elements of standard English convention. 

Level 3 SAT Mastery

This level is designed for those who are going to take the SAT in two or three months.  Students will be trained to read everything literally and critically, solve problems with strategic approaches, and secure a desired test result like 1500 and above.