English Language Arts Grades 8-12

The BC English Language Arts curriculum includes a focus on reading a variety of materials, including story and informational text on First Peoples’ content, various worldviews, and Principles of Learning. The curriculum is designed to empower students by providing them with strong communication skills, an understanding and appreciation of language and literature, and the capacity to engage fully as literate and thoughtful citizens in a modern world. Students are encouraged to think critically, creatively, and reflectively; to construct a sense of personal and cultural identity; and to be respectful towards a range of perspectives, backgrounds, and worldviews. The English Language Arts curriculum is a foundational component of education in British Columbia schools.

Course Description

Enhanced English Reading and Writing

As one of the general admission requirements, Grade 11 and Grade 12 English (or their equivalents) are mandatory for any university program. Enhanced English Reading and Writing (EERW) is developed to help students who take British Columbia English Language Arts so that they can improve their literature reading and analysis skills, as well as essay writing abilities. EERW covers key literary genres and common literary devices that teachers expect students to recognize, comprehend, and analyze.

EERW courses are for:

• Secondary school students who wish to improve their grades

• Anyone that wants to improve his or her English reading and writing skills

Level 1

This level is designed for Grades 8 to 9.  Students will be guided to read poetry, short stories, articles and write basic responses and analyses. 

Level 2

This level is designed for Grade 10.  Students will be trained to read poetry, novels, plays and articles and write critical responses and analyses. 

Level 3

This level is designed for Grades 11 to 12.  Students will be trained to read a wide variety of literature works and write insightful literary analyses.