Our Learning Method

ICON English's Acquisition Cycle is the core to learning success at Icon English. The Acquisition Cycle is a multi-stage learning process based on academically proven English language teaching techniques and procedures, and centered around the unique "PEA" system: Presentation, Evaluation and Activation.

Students start with an Interactive Lesson, which teaches vocabulary, grammar and knowledge through exploring a rich variety of academic materials used in universities. Learn about our writing course.
Students develop their skills through listening, reading and using the new language learned. These lessons also have periodic checkpoints where students can confirm what they have learned.
Lessons take the form of classroom-based learning and eLab, which can be accessed either in a Icon English center or online.
In this way students have the flexibility to complete their lessons at the time that is most convenient to them, whether in the centers, at home or when traveling. Learn more about our Word Power Up.
Every student has the Student Manual, which contains a summary of the learning points in the courses, together with a set of written activities.
Students complete these exercises at home, and bring them to the center for the teachers to review. See the text books use in our center.
Students participate in small core classes led by teachers, called Activator. These classes average 4 students who are all at the same learning level, so students have plenty of chances to practice using their new language skills.
Activators are focused on building skills and self-confidence in using English. Learn about our exam preparation courses.
Icon English Method is supplemented by two types of optional classes: English Clinic and Social Club activities. These are designed to take the student as close to an immersion experience as possible.
English Clinic classes are developed to improve the language accuracy of students, allowing students to develop their language accuracy with fellow students at different levels.
Class topics vary and usually involve activities challenging students' grammar and vocabulary, such as quizzes or tests.
Social Club activities offer a fun way for students to further immerse themselves in English. Students can participate in group activities run by teachers, both inside and outside the Center.

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