Opportunity to Teach Abroad

Why should I consider teaching English abroad?

Employers look favorably upon individuals who have taken the initiative to go abroad and work in a different country.

Younger graduates without extensive prior work experience discover upon their return that their overseas teaching employment becomes invaluable in opening doors to job opportunities and career choices that were previously unattainable.

Having overseas teaching experience is a unique asset that differentiates many of our graduates and gives them a competitive advantage when applying for other jobs upon their return from abroad.

Graduates who are planning to continue in the education field find that their overseas teaching experience becomes a valuable asset when applying for education degrees.

How does it work?

ICON English has been working closely with language schools in the world, and is committed to providing value-added service to teachers and maximizing satisfaction through finding the teachers most rewarding teaching positions. And the job placement is free of charge.

We offer free orientations, where you can learn more about our seminars, and about the exciting opportunities to teach and travel abroad. These free sessions will help to answer your questions regarding teaching English overseas, and cover questions regarding employment opportunities and requirements abroad.

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