Education provides a wonderful opportunity and more importantly the responsibility to educate and nurture every generation. Learning is a natural and elementary need of human beings and therefore the industry of education will always see growth.  At ICON English, we offer programs and systems proven to bring efficient and effective results to enhance students' language proficiency. The room of growth in profits is limitless. 


With unique teaching system developed by ICON English, including our published textbooks and own e-learning tools, we provide strong resource backup and will always keep the information and technology up-to-date. 


We offer on-going training to all the employees about our system and tools to deliver quality and equalizing teaching methods. 

Global System

We tailor educational plan to each individual student for his or her own academic success. With continued supports to each student's learning experiences, we aim to increase the student's overall adaption into life in Canada. 


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Different from traditional English learning methods that simply divide learning of the English language into four parts:listening, speaking, reading and writing, ICON English tailors students' needs for improving their language skills into classes that contain six core components: Grammar, Vocabulary, Word Formation, Reading Passages, Workbook, and SupervisedWriting. 

To achieve learning success, professional teachers from ICON English adopt the system of PEA (Presentation, Evaluation, and Activation).

Presentation: teachers share the knowledge with students in an interactive class. With the aid of online learning tools, teachers help students to improve English skills.

Evaluation: teachers keep a close follow-up assessment on student's progress, by setting up a staged checkpoint for the learning progress, and conducting tests to oversee the level of students' understanding of the knowledge.

Activation: teachers design a series of activities such as English Clinic to not only help students build up their language abilities but also strengthen their self confidence to make learning progress.

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ICON English teachers use academic text books and tools developed by our own professional team. All team members are educational exports in English language from Canada and the United States. ICON English has developed and published learning products including books and online courses such as Grammar Success, Reading Success, Vocabulary Success, Word Formation, and Power Up Learning System.

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Our independently developed online learning Power Up systems include millions of excellent exercises. As the teacher conducts the class and use of our Power eLab, he or she can recognize the common mistakes made by students in this particular class. And then the teacher can provide accurately targeted exercises to students to break through their English obstacles.

Together with other online learning system including the Word PowerUp, students can acquire the ability to learn English more independently. We provide on-going support to teachers so they can tailor students' personal learning plans.


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ICON English has a team of professional consultants with strong academic backgrounds, and they all have worked in the consulting industry for years. We provide personalized background assessment for each individual student to fully understand their needs for studying in Canada. Through the overall exploration of students' own strengths, Canadian universities' admission requirements, and future employment opportunities, we tailor a comprehensive study plan for each student to meet his or her individual needs and help him or her pursue academic success in Canada.

ICON English provides additional support to international students including pick-up service before school enrollment, providing assistance to various life and academic supports, and supplying academic guidance in studies, visa renewal applications, university applications and co-op opportunities.

We have built an interactive platform for real-time communication among parents, schools, and students. Parents can check the students' attendance and test scores, and get updated information on the students' learning and social life.

We help international students to make the most of their overseas education so that they can grow into real elites in each industry.

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